Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creating the Ultimate Pro/Con List: Orville Redenbacher Pop-Up Bowls

Creating the Ultimate Pro/Con List:  Orville Redenbacher Pop-Up Bowls

Every year there are always commercials that stick in our brains, good, bad and ugly.  Last year one of the most memorable, unfortunate as it may be, was an Orville Redenbacher ad where Cris Angel was the guest star.  The average Joe couple was astounded as Angel ripped the top off of a popcorn bag to form a “bowl”.  To this consumer, it was one of least appealing commercials ever.
            After seeing the ad more times than I would have preferred, it did make me a bit curious (that’s where they get you, by irritating you with repetition, wearing you into retail submission).  So, after receiving a coupon in the mail, I decided to try Orville Redenbacher’s Pop-Up Bowls.


-Well known brand that has been around since 1965.  Hardworking founder who has had many great popcorn products through the year, even if his marketing team made one of the –ready the rim-shot – corniest commercials in snack food history

-The “bag bowl” did work as long as you followed the opening instructions exactly

-No dishes necessary

-Smaller portions in bag.  For me that is kind of a good thing.  Less temptation


-The regular price on the 6 pack of popcorn is $5.67.  A bit pricey compared to other brands whose popcorn contains the same ingredients

-After following the bag’s instructions, popcorn was half burnt with a lot of unpopped kernels

-“Bag bowl” had plastic-wrap on two sides.  I really don’t like putting plastic in the microwave.

-Popcorn was greasy, not light

Smaller portions with a lot of burned kernels.  I promise, I followed the instructions    

For us, this will probably be the first and last time that we buy this product. 

  Learning Everything Facts:       

Orville Redenbacher, whose first successes came from fertilizer, loved popcorn from childhood.  Redenbacher changed the popcorn business forever through hybridization techniques and keen business sense. 



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