Thursday, November 12, 2015

7 McDonalds Savings Tips and Menu Hacks to do Without Getting Cranky

Overall we eat pretty healthy around these parts.  Processed food is at a minimum and chemical food dyes are missing entirely.  The kids and I have hummus or hard cooked eggs with veggies several days a week for lunch.   It works well and I believe we live better for it.

But sometimes....

when everything is perfectly aligned-or rather perfectly stressful/chaotic- I need salt.  And cheese. And above all I feel the need for special sauce.

I'm talking about a BIG MAC.

Specifically one with piping hot french fries and a fountain Coca-cola.

My friends know how much I love these.  So much that they save coupons for me and alert me of sales.  I have used them in health analogies, illustrations of food combinations and even in Bible study.  There is just something about that combination that exudes comfort food to me.  I think its my settler ancestors who lived on salt pork, bread, and sugared fruits as they travelled in a covered wagon.  I'm trying to justify it.  Don't get me wrong, its not healthy food.  It's a whole day worth of calories send you into a sugar spin food.  But once in a while, once a month, it is more of a need than a want.

As you know from my previous blog post, I am constantly trying to stretch and save our just-what-we-need budget.  So I thought I would share some of my best Mickey-D's savings tips with you to help weaken the blow on your wallet and your waistline.  Hopefully you will find some of these things helpful for when you indulge in this once in a while treat.

Big Mac hamburger.jpg

Pertaining to Mr. Mac
1.)  Opt for a <secret> name change.  The price for a Big Mac sandwich has gone up to $3.99 for the sandwich alone.  I have started ordering a double cheeseburger add Big Mac Sauce, add lettuce.  The double cheeseburger costs $1.49 and the add-ons can vary at each restaurant but on average the total for the sandwich comes to around $2.  The only thing you are missing is the middle bun and the sesame seeds, and while they are an important part of the Big Mac, you won't miss then that much.  You could even do the same thing to a regular cheeseburger or quarter pounder to create a similar taste.

2.)  Have a Big Mac Buddy  McDonald's often will offer BOGO deals on their Big Macs (and quarter pounders, and egg mcmuffins).  If you go halvesies on the bill you each get a Big Mac for $2!  And who doesn't want to enjoy their favorite junk food with someone who appreciates it just as much!  Note:  Do not attempt to purchase two Big Macs and refrigerate or freeze one for later.  I learned this the hard way- Sincerely, formerly pregnant Amanda.

General Savings Ideas
3.) Share, child, share  The last time we had McDonald's, Brad ordered a grilled chicken meal, and I had a coupon for a free Big Mac.  We split his drink and fries and saved the cost of adding on the side items for me.  We also have shared nuggets and sandwiches sometimes to save cost and calories

4.) Eat like a kid  There is no shame in ordering a kids meal.  You get the junk food that you like for less  and  the calories are more in line with a real meal too.  And a toy :)

5.) BYO sides  We will sometimes bring apples and carrot sticks with us when we eat fast food.  Take out makes this option a bit less awkward for folks who feel funny about taking food in to a restaurant.

6.) Look for Sales and deals  Every couple of months McDonald's sends a coupon sheet out in a mailer.  There are deals on the back of receipts from McDonald's its self and other stores.

7.) Sign up for the app and coupons Go to or the app store on your smart phone to download the McDonald's app.  After registering, you will be eligible for a free sandwich and lots of digital coupons.  Coupons include BOGO products, money off of purchase, and punch cards for McCafe drinks.

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